Request of intention to re-enter Japan for foreign nationals with status of residence currently residing in Japan(9/7)

Following the expansion of inspection capacity at airports, the COVID-19 Measures Headquarters announced on August 28, 2020 that foreign nationals residing in Japan with the status of residence who have completed the prescribed procedures implemented as of September 1 and who were in possession of a re-entry permit when leaving Japan may re-enter Japan from country/region designated as subject to denial of landing. Persons who wish to re-enter Japan through these measures must pledge to comply with additional epidemic prevention and control measures before leaving Japan and receive a Receipt for request of re-entry(hereinafter referred to as a “Receipt”) from the Immigration Services Agency of Japan.

【Eligible persons】
Foreign nationals residing in Japan who have received a residence card, who plan to travel to a country/region designated as subject to denial of landing, and to whom one of the following applies:
・ Persons with a valid re-entry permit
・ Persons in possession of a valid passport and residence card who are permitted to leave and enter Japan with a special re-entry permit
Note 1: Special permanent residents are not subject to screening under Article 5, paragraph (1) of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act and will not be denied entry as part of measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). As a result, these measures do not apply to such persons.
Note 2: These measures do not apply to persons whose status of residence is “Diplomat” or “Official”.
Note 3: Please refrain from submitting your request with no plans for leaving Japan or more than one month
in advance of the date on which you intend to leave Japan.


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