Notes on duty not to compete

In Japan, freedom of choice of occupation is guaranteed by the Constitution. Accordingly, an agreement that prohibits working for a competitor for a certain period after leaving his/her former employer is only valid if the term, geographical scope, professional field concerned, and similar restrictions are reasonable and commensurate compensation is provided. Regarding trade secrets, both the disclosure of former employers’ trade secrets by workers and questioning by enterprises of workers about such trade secrets are prohibited by law under the Unfair Competition Prevention Act.

The directors of Kabushiki-Kaisha (joint-stock corporations) terminates upon expiration of their term of office. Moreover, the directors may resign at any time at their own discretion. However, if it causes a vacancy in the position, the directors may not be released from their obligations as directors until new directors take office. Directors might be dismissed upon a resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders at any time and regardless of the reasons. However, if the company dismisses the directors before the expiration of the term of office without any justifiable reason, the company must indemnify for damage caused by that dismissal.

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